Window Cleaning Essex

Window Cleaning Essex

We’ve been cleaning windows in Essex since 2014, Wickford, South Woodham Ferrers, Benfleet, Hadleigh, Rayleigh, Hockley, Rochford, Southend, Hanningfields and Chelmsford.

Window Cleaning With Pure Water

In its pure state, water is one of the most aggressive solvents known.

Called the “universal solvent,” water, to a certain degree, will dissolve virtually everything to which it is exposed.

Pure water has a very high energy state and, like everything else in nature, seems to achieve energy equilibrium with its surroundings.

It will dissolve the quantity of material available until the solution reaches saturation, the point at which no higher level of solids can be dissolved.

We produce our own pure water from tap water using a high-tech filtration system, comprising of four stages.

  • Pre-filtration - this removes larger contaminants, dirt and metal molecules.
  • Reverse Osmosis - This removes almost all remaining contaminants.
  • Second Reverse Osmosis Stage - For further purity.
  • Ion Exchange Resin - This removes anything that has been left after the first three stages.
  • The system that we use is completely safe for your plants and pets.